Business Synergy -The Genesis of Loving Spaces

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Business Synergy -The Genesis of Loving Spaces

Business Synergy : The Genesis of Loving Spaces is probably a beautiful epilogue, a pinnacle summation and transformation of my many frustrating years of meandering directions in my life of so much entanglement.

I wonder why it takes so long for me to arrive at this decision to take Paper N Pen online. I simply can’t see the workability or the high growth potential of it. I can’t see the business synergy. I have been sort of taking Paper n Pen as a temporary measure before I can finally find my real pinnacle in business success. Is it the diamonds in my back yard that I so stupidly refuse to look at it? Why I can’t see the business synergy in it?

I and my wife Bee Bee has been running Paper N Pen since 1999, a rather long time, a 12 years period till today. In the midst of these 12 years, and 10 years before that, we have been doing a few businesses. The businesses in the order as listed are : architectural consultancy, printing, fast print, Amway MLM, insurance and financial planning and Herbalife MLM. All these ventures have been unfortunately been ended. I have been looking for the perfect business with the powerful business synergy. I am longing for the genesis of perfection and power. I am a perfectionist. Quite fatally, indeed.

Now we have only Paper N Pen and my online business UniSuccess. I have been online with the intention of finding a way to make money online since 2008, it is almost 3 and 9 months now. Unisuccess is my online entity for 2 years. There are so much things to learn and resources and tools to buy. It’s overwhelming most of the time. I believe because of all these inherent complexity, I still have not configure all the parts to the UniSuccess business. The cost of running the UniSuccess online business is just not balanced with the income generated.

My wife has been rather unhappy with all these huge monthly out goings without the right balance of profits.

When I told Bee Bee about Brandon Sean’s venture on internet marketing and he has made RM19,000.00 over the past 10 months, she was furious about my performance in UniSuccess.

Bee Bee just questioned me when a new comer and much more lesser experienced person than me and Brandon can make some good money, why couldn’t I have some nice success like Brandon.

I told her that Brandon has been focusing on a single item. He works as an affiliate and market their products as an affiliate. Bee Bee asked me why don’t I do it. I am too ambitious to look at a single approach…Silly me? Bee Bee has been incessantly scolding me for been too arrogant for all these years and this has been failing me with this stupidity.

This is the triggering point. I know so many things about internet marketing and yet I have not configured all the components properly in synergy. I am far too ambitious. I have opened up too many battle fronts that I can’t consolidate all the components. I am too overload with all these complexities.

So now, all the right trigger points are in place for the ideal business synergy:
Paper N Pen
Stationery Retailing
UniSuccess Mobile Internet Marketing
Brandon Sean
Online Store

This must be the most compelling trigger for the business synergy.

Bee Bee has been very intensively and passionately work on the merchandise of Paper n Pen. She has stocked so many attractive and enduring stationery products that sales has been increasing steadily. Many girls, women are so attracted to her products that they tend to buy many items, out of sheer wanting all the beautiful items.

Girls love beautiful things. Bee Bee has created a kind of boutique store for Paper N Pen. The attractions and charm are all over Paper N Pen.

What if we venture into online store and secure a lot more merchandise that we can stock so many wonderful products in Paper N Pen as well as for the online store?

What if we can source products from online merchants like and other online giants for our online store?

Paper N Pen can function as a online warehouse for our products. The business synergy will be the huge addition of stocks to Paper N Pen and the online store.

Thus, the idea of online store selling Paper N Pen related products like gifts, nice collections, beautiful note books and accessories is triggered. This is Loving Spaces, the new online store entity.

This journal would be the jottings and musings of our pursuit in this new venture. The Genesis of Loving Spaces. The ideal business synergy for Paper N Pen, UniSuccess Mobile Internet Marketing and Loving Spaces.

This pondering occurred around Sep 8th 2011.

I moved real fast. In a few days I have done the followings:
-Get the brand name: Loving Spaces
-Secured a new domain:
-Set up the website and blog with Thesis Theme.

By Sep 11, 2011, the website is set up and I started to build the content. I have created a Facebook Page for Loving Spaces.

Nocturne – Secret Garden – Norway 1995 – Eurovision songs with live orchestra


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