About Loving Spaces: Passions for All Things Beautiful

What is Loving Spaces

Loving Spaces is an online lifestyle web site that passionately celebrates All Things Beautiful.

Loving Spaces: Passions for All Things Beautiful.

Awaken Your Senses for A Beautiful Lifestyle.

There are many beautiful things in all places that surround us in our life. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by all the busy happenings that we can’t awaken our five senses to appreciate all these beautiful things.

Words, Images, Music, Videos: Awaken All Your Beautiful Senses

There are beautiful objects, places, spaces. There are lovely music, videos, movies. There are beautiful moments and stories in our life.

Loving Spaces would try to awaken all your wonderful five senses to enjoy all beautiful things in our surrounding. It’s free and all around us.

Indulge and rejoice in beautiful objects, spaces, music, moments of our life.






Giap and Bee Bee

Giap and Bee Bee. Loving Spaces: Passions for All Things Beautiful.

Giap and Bee Bee enjoy all things beautiful. We enjoy a simple life and in simple things. All simple things can be beautiful when we sense them with the awaken senses.

Giap was trained as an architect and Bee Bee as an interior designer. Giap currently operates UniSuccess Mobile Internet Marketing for the past 3 years.

We own and operate Paper N Pen, a stationery retail store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for the past 12 years.


Awaken your senses and discover all the beautiful things in all the Spaces of our life.


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Wong Tooi Giap